Course Description

With thousands of rooftop solar PV systems installed in Ontario since 2009 Home Inspectors are beginning to see these homes come up for sale. Home Inspectors will be asked to inspect homes with rooftop solar PV systems and you will want to know more about them and be able to answer questions from your clients and Realtors. This course will teach you about the rooftop PV system components, how they work and what to look for during an inspection. You will learn about the Ontario microFIT program and how transferring it's ownership impacts the purchase of the property.


Brad Durant, P.Eng, RHI, CPHD

A professional Civil Engineer since 1980 Brad started Home Front Professional Home Inspections in 2003. Brad is a Registered Home Inspector in Ontario and member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors Ontario (CAHPI-Ontario). Always an advocate for energy conservation Brad installed a roof top solar PV system on his own home in 2013 under the Ontario microFIT program. Since then he has been immersed in the solar industry performing residential solar assessments, system layouts, structural engineering assessment and building permit drawing preparation. Brad continues his education of high efficiency homes and is a Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD) from the International Passive House Institute and is a member of the International Passive House Association. Recently Brad delivered educational sessions on Inspecting Rooftop Solar PV Systems to Home Inspectors at the 2015 and 2016 Ontario Home Inspectors conferences, and Inspecting High Efficiency Homes at the 2017 conference.Brad is dedicated to the professional education and development of home inspectors. He participated as a member and chaired the OAHI education committee during 2005 to 2012, elected to the Board of Directors in 2011 and received an award for his voluntary contribution and service to OAHI in 2008. Brad’s education and experience gives him an unique perspective on inspecting rooftop solar systems and high energy efficient homes.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Identifying Components

    • Introduction

    • Identifying Components

  • 2

    Inspecting the System

    • Part 1

    • Part 2

  • 3

    Facts and Fiction for Rooftop Solar PV

    • Facts and Fiction

  • 4

    Helping Others Understand Rooftop Solar

    • Helping Buyers and Realtors